1858-O 50c Seated Liberty Arrows NGC AU53 SS Republic Shipwreck Incredible Coin

  • $2,938.39

1858-O 50c Seated Liberty Arrows NGC AU53 SS Republic Shipwreck Exclusive & Rare Pre Civil War Offering.

Very Rare Shipwreck Silver Monster. Once these are gone. They are gone!

I’ve been handling SS Republic Shipwreck coinage since 2003-2004 as one of the original distributors. I’ve sold hundreds of these Silver 50c Seated Liberty’s Shipwrecks over the years. But this is the first time I’ve handled a group that was conserved and graded a numerical grade by NGC. This 1858- O 50c is one of the Finest Known to survive. Of the over 12,000+ Silver Seated Halves in all dates and mint marks that were recovered. Less than 100 were undamaged enough by sea water to be assigned a grade. All others received the Shipwreck Effect notation on the holder. That’s less than 1% that survived in seawater for 140 years that could receive a grade! The Exploration Scientists theorized that the coins that survived the best we’re probably the ones at the very bottom- underneath the weight of all the other silver coins on the sea floor.

These SS Republic Shipwreck coins normally come like this- damaged with some corrosion, and slightly polished. Everything you’d expect from silver.

This is a chance to own an exclusive SS Republic Shipwreck Silver Seated Half Dollar. These are really rare and much nicer than you’d expect.

But today’s coin I’m offering you looks almost like the day it left the Pre Civil War New Orleans Mint in 1858-O See below, preserved in NGC AU53 condition.

They come with a small leather bound SS Republic display book.

Here are other dates available. This inventory is the most anyone has in the country. These all are nice and bright with detail that corresponds with the grade assigned. They are beautiful.

1854-O with Arrows variety