Julius Caesar 40 BC Silver Denarius NGC XF Fine Style Rare IDES OF MARCH REVERSE

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Julius Caesar (49-44 BC), with Q. Voconius Vitulus, as Moneyer. AR denarius (21mm, 3.75 gm, 4h). NGC VF 4/5 - 3/5. Rome, 40 BC. Wreathed head of Divus Julius Caesar right; dotted border / Q•VOCONIVS / VITVLVS•Q• / DESIGN, bull calf walking left; S-C across fields, dotted border. Crawford 526/4. Sydenham 1133. Voconia 4 and Julia 124. A particularly veristic and realistic portrait of the Deified Julius Caesar, on lovely satin sheen, lustrous surfaces with cabinet toning.

#1 of the Twelve Caesars

Julius Caesar portrait Denarius NGC XF Fine Style

Beautiful portrait that received the coveted Fine Style designation for eye appeal and artistry.

The Bull reverse on this Julius Caesar is from the Ides of March prophecy.

The story goes that on February 15 44 BC, after Caesar had sacrificed a bull, Spurinna discovered it to have no heart, which was a bad sign. After another sacrifice produced equally bad omens, Spurinna warned Caesar that his life would be in danger for the next 30 days, the threat expiring on the 15th of March. Caesar would be stabbed to death on March 15th by his senators.