Roman Empire Titus 79-81 AD, Silver Denarius NGC XF Attractive and Flashy

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Roman Empire Titus 79-81 AD, Silver Denarius NGC XF Attractive and Flashy.

#11 of the Twelve Caesar’s

Struck between 79-81 AD during Titus' 2-year rule, this ancient silver coin is part of the prestigious Twelve Caesars collection of coins that both collectors and investors scramble to complete by gathering coin specimens issued by each Caesar of Rome.

Ancient Romans had a well-developed currency system that implemented fractional units to make transactions easier and more convenient. A total of 25 silver denarii (plural of denarius) was equivalent to a single gold aureus coin.

The obverses bear the image of Emperor Titus, Venus reverse.

Titus became emperor in 79 C.E. after his father, the emperor Vespasian, died, and ruled until his own death in 81 C.E. He rose to prominence in the Roman world after conquering Jerusalem in 70 C.E. during the Jewish War. As emperor, Titus was known for being very generous as he helped provide grain to the Roman citizenry and assisted with many public projects. One such project involved rebuilding parts of Campania after they were destroyed in the eruption of Vesuvius, which occurred during his reign in 79 C.E. He was also made a Roman deity immediately after his death in 81 C.E., showing how much respect and praised he garnered during his life.