Corinthia, Corinth Pegasus Silver Stater NGC CHXF 5x3

Corinthia, Corinth
400-375 BC
Pegasus Silver Stater

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We have just acquired a beautifully toned Greek Silver Stater of Pegasus, in Choice Extra Fine Condition. It has perfect 5 X 5 Strikes, and near perfect 5 X 3 Surfaces. This gorgeous, and artistic Silver Stater was issued nearly 2300 years ago and is listed as #23 in the 100 Greatest Ancients book. Many people believe this is one of the most beautiful of all silver greek coinage.

The front depicts a lifelike Pegasus, the winged horse of the gods, with remarkable detail. The reverse shows the helmeted head of Athena the goddess of war. Pegasus silver coins are always highly sought after due to their rarity and mythological history. We are selling history one coin at a time.