RARE Galba AD 68-69 Gold Aureus NGC Fine 4x5 Twelve Caesar’s #7

SOLD RARE Galba AD 68-69 Gold Aureus NGC Fine 4x5 Twelve Caesar’s #7 of 12 Fresh PQ! One of the rarest emperors to find. Galba

Galba (AD 68-9), gold Aureus, Rome, July 68 - January 69, IMP SER GALBA AVG, bare head right, rev. SPQR/O[B C]S, within oak wreath, 7.06g In NGC holder graded Fine strike 4/5, surface 5/5

About the Reverse-

The meaning of SPQR The letters SPQR are the abbreviation of the Latin phrase Senatus Populusque Romanus, which translates to ‘ The Senate and People of Rome’.

As the political fortunes of Nero waned, governors in some of Rome's provinces began to resist his demands. Vindex in Gaul, Clodius Macer in North Africa and Galba in Spain all revolted — though only Galba survived to become emperor after Nero's suicide. Once in Rome, Galba's rule was never secure, for he refused to bribe the soldiers and did not condone corruption. His murder was arranged by Otho, an embittered compatriot who was willing to lavish bribes in his desire to succeed Galba. Galba is #1 of the year of the 4 Caesar’s (AD69)

Only 75 Galba’s have been graded by NGC, with 11 in the grade. The highest graded Galba on record is only in AU with 3 known. This coin would fetch over 120k in 2022.

The coin presented today was conservatively graded in Fine condition and is as nice as many coins that were graded higher. This is a nice value purchase.

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