1753MO MF Mexico 8R NGC MS61

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Spanish Pillar Dollar

1753MO MF Mexico 8R




  • America's first true Silver Dollar.

  • The Spanish Milled Dollar became the most utilized money of the era.

  • Mined and minted at silver-rich Spanish cities from Mexico to Peru since 1500. This example was struck at Mexico City.

  • The Spanish Milled Dollar was the coin upon which the United States dollar was based, and it remained legal tender in the US until the Coinage act of 1857.

  • The obverse portrays the Pillars of Hercules surrounding crowned, conjoined globes and ocean waves below, hence the name "Pillar Dollar" and was valued at 8 reales or better known as "Piece of eight," when the coin was cut up to make a smaller denomination.

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