1715 Fleet Shipwreck, Columbia 2E, NGC MS 62

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(1667-93) Columbia 2E
Charles II
1715 Fleet
300th Anniversary Find
with certificate


NGC's 300th Anniversary Find

On July 30, 1715, a Spanish convey of ships set sail from Havana making its way back to Spain. Eleven of the twelve ships of the 1715 Fleet floundered to the might of a ferocious hurricane off the coast of Vero Beach, Florida. Eleven ships perished with the single exception of the Grifon which escaped.

Over the years, some of the coins have washed ashore, giving collectors a little taste of the artifacts aboard the ship, but it was nothing like the discoveries of 2013 and 2015.

The 1715 Fleet is THE most talked about shipwreck right now. Because of the “newness” of the discovery, inquiries and collector interest is intense, and the very few people who have been given access to any coins of the fleet have nearly sold out.


Writing from the certificate:

"This coin was salvaged from a shipwreck of the 1715 Treasure Fleet. On July 24, 1715, eleven Spanish Galleons set sail from Havana harbor bound for Spain. On the evening of July 30th a ferocious hurricane approached the fleet from the southeast. By sunrise on the morning of the 31st, all eleven ships and their cargo had perished below the waves.


The crew of the S/V Capitana recovered the coin pictured here exactly 300 years after it was lost at sea. On July 30 & 31 of 2015, 352 escudos of all denominates were recovered on the anniversary as part of the Tricentennial Hoard. The story of this recovery was announced love on the CBS This Morning show and made news worldwide. As one of its most significant recoveries, this coin has a unique and special place in the storied history of the 1715 Fleet."