1778 Order of Malta Gold 20 Scudi NGC MS63 70th Grand Master Emmanuel de Rohan Tied Finest Known

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These warrior monks were known by many names during their time in the Holy Lands and Crusades. They were the “Special Forces” of their day. Order of the Knights of the Hospital of St John in Jerusalem, or Knights Hospitallers – they were a Catholic Military Order established when Pope Gregory commissioned a hospital to be built in the Kingdom of Jerusalem after the First Crusade.

The Knights’ main mission was to defend the Holy Land and provide care for the injured. They built several forts and estates in the area to support that mission. After the fall of Jerusalem, the order would move around providing support to Christian Kingdoms. By 1530, the Knights had arrived and settled in Malta, after being given the island by the King of Sicily, Charles I of Spain. Recognizing the island as a strategic location in the Mediterranean. They transformed Malta from a bare island to a thriving stronghold with magnificent fortifications. The knights stayed in Malta and the island remained under the rule of the order for the following 250 years. Their history lives on through their coinage. 

1778 Grand Master Emmanuel de Rohan Gold 20 Scudi NGC MS63 Tied Finest Known
From the wealthy and influential Rohan family of France. He was the 70th Grand Master (second to last) - Order of St. John, Knights of Malta.
Obverse -
Bust of the master to right, armoured, date below.
Script: Latin 
Translation: Fra' Emmanuel de Rohan, grand master 
Reverse -
Oval shields with arms of the Order and of the grand master side-by-side, crowned, date at the top, and value below.
Script: Latin 
S • 20
Translation: [...] of the Hospitallers and the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem
**This specimen is Tied for the Finest Known.**