1909-O $5 Indian NGC AU50 New Orleans Gold Rarity

1909-O $5 Indian NGC AU50 New Orleans Gold Rarity

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The 1909-O half eagle is the final gold coin produced at the New Orleans mint. It is the only Indian Head half eagle to be struck at this mint. It is not an especially scarce coin in circulated grades but it is exceedingly popular due to its status as a one-year type. In recent years, the level of demand for this coin has soared and it now ranks as one of the most popular New Orleans issues of any denomination. It’s low Mintage of 34,200 increases the desirability many fold but not everyone can own one.

Examples in the VF and XF grades are readily available. Attractive khaki gold AU coins like this one are fairly scarce. A major key date that will always be a head turner in any advanced rare coin collection or portfolio.