Alexander the Great 336-323 BC Gold Stater NGC MS 5x4

Alexander the Great
336-323 BC
Gold Stater NGC MS 5x4

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Capstone Coins is please to bring you this Alexander the Great 336-323 BC Gold Stater NGC MS 5x4.

This beautiful gold stater is representative of Alexander the Great's conquering the Persian Empire, the mightiest empire the world had yet seen, and his attempt to unite East and West, Persia and Greece. To promote this effort of cultural fusion, Alexander dressed as a Persian, adopted Persian ways, directed his soldiers to marry Persian women, and appointed Persians to high administrative positions. This effort was cut short by is death, possibly by malaria, in 323 BC at about the age of 33. Since then, the chasm between East and West has increased. Had Alexander succeeded long term, beyond the empires of the Persians, the Seleukids, the Romans, the Byzantines, and the Ottoman Turks -- no small feat -- there would be no need for a war on terrorism today.

According to Alexander Gold staters in the British Museum holdings were minted from 19 cities during his lifetime, 33 cities in all, on three continents. An amazing feat by any standard.

This beautiful Alexander Gold Stater is preserved by NGC Ancients. We are selling history one coin at a time.