Alexander the Great Bronze unit NGC CHXF

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Alexander the Great Bronze unit NGC CHXF


An affordable and overlooked denomination that Alexander the Great collectors will enjoy.

Alexander the Great's bronze coinage was local in nature. Unlike his larger denomination silver and gold coins, bronzes were used in local marketplaces to buy bread and wine for the family.

It's neatly logical that this is the most common of Alexander's bronzes. Which like all bronzes were primarily local coinage, originated from Alexander's homeland of Macedonia, and that the less common type originated in Asia Minor. Where important Greek cities and mints, now freed by Alexander, were situated.

This lifetime bronze coin represents the first type of Alexander bronzes, and is well preserved in comparison to what we’ve seen on the market place. As with most of his silver coinage, this bronze type features on the obverse Herakles in a lion skin headdress. The reverse of this type features a quiver (arrow case) placed on top of a bow plus a club. The club (a soldiers weapon) can be above or beneath the quiver.