Alexander the Great Gold Stater NGC MS “Fine Style”

Alexander the Great
Gold Stater NGC Mint State
5x4 “Fine Style”
early Seleucid issue
obv Athena, rv Nike stg.

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Capstone Coins is proud to present this Alexander the Great Gold Stater in Mint State Fine Style condition.

Alexander the Great’s military conquests are just one part of his timeless allure. He prohibited ravaging and looting among his soldiers of the newly conquered cities. Alexander saw himself as the liberator of people. Letting them continue to govern themselves, worship their gods, and maintain their traditions, customs, and keep their self-respect.

The coins of Alexander the Great, like other ancient coins, are history in your hand. They're tangible, and tactile, documentation of Alexander's life and times, a way to hold a part of the man, his power, and his legacy. He was a conqueror, a general whose tactics are still studied today in our military academies.