Attica Athens Owl 440-404 BC Silver Tetradrachm NGC MS* (Star) Greek Owl PQ++

Attica Athens Owl 440-404 BC Silver Tetradrachm NGC MS* (Star) Greek Owl PQ++.

Attica, Athens 440-404 BC Silver Tetradrachm (17.21g) NGC Mint State * (Star) 4/5 Strike 4/5 Surface

Awarded the coveted Star designation for outstanding eye appeal and above average style.

Obverse- Head of Athena right, wearing crested helmet ornamented with three olive-leaves and floral scroll.

Reverse- Large OWL, olive sprig with berry and crescent in upper left field, AΘE to right. All within incuse square.

The Owl had gained the trust of the laborers, soldiers, and merchants for their silver purity and popularity. They are still widely known by that term today, the owl depicted upon the Athenian Tetradrachm is the “Minerva Owl”. The owl, as a symbol for wisdom, was the mascot of Athena, and frequently accompanies the goddess as this coin demonstrates. According to myth, Athena, goddess of wisdom and the patron goddess of Athens, even had the ability to take the form of an owl.

The reverse depicts a standing owl within an incuse square, head facing forward, with a crescent moon and olive spray, and “ΑΘΕ”, (of the Athenians). Athena is featured on the obverse wearing a helmet with floral scroll and three olive leaves.

These well preserved ancient silver Tetradrachm are approximately the size of quarter but twice its thickness. We just bought a fresh group out of Europe and are currently graded. All of our ancient coins are certified by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC Ancients).

This Ancient coin is #10 in the Top 100 Greatest Ancient Coins book, page 28

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