Attica, Athens Silver Tetradrachm NGC AU Star 5x5


Attica, Athens

c. 440-404 BC
Silver Tetradrachm
obv Athena
rv owl, olive spray, moon


  • One of the most popular, recognizable silver design types for over 2,400 years. Listed as no.10 in the book "100 Greatest Ancient Coins" by Harlan J. Berk.

  • In the 5th Century B.C. Athens first produced Tetradrachms with Athena's Head on the obverse, and her bird- the owl on the reverse.

  • Athenian art at this time took on a more classical form, but the Athenians issued this coin in an old Archaic style.

  • This was one of the work horse coins of its era. Trusted by Kings, and merchants alike for its silver purity, and popularity among the people.

  • Hand struck in High Relief, with all the qualities of a miniature sculpture. Given a special "star" designation because of its exceptional strike.