Caligula Silver Denarius “4th of the Twelve Caesars” NGC XF 4×3

Roman Empire
Caligula, AD 37-41
Silver Denarius
NGC XF 4x3
rv Divus Augustus
4th of the "12 Caesars"


Caligula Silver Denarius "4th of the Twelve Caesars" NGC XF 4x3 - rare piece

One of Rome's most iconic bad guys, Caligula AD 37-41. He only ruled for fours years, but was filled with enough cruelty and lunacy that his reputation would make him notorious.

His relationships with others was filled with torment. Even high ranking Senators couldn't hide from him, often making them run for miles in front of his chariot.

Toward the end, when enough people wanted him dead. Praetorian officers- his guards, would stab he and his family to death in the emperors palace.

One historian was quoted as saying " Caligula learned by actual experience that he was not a god".