Caria Cindys NGC CH XF 4x4 Ketos the Sea Monster coin

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Caria Cindys
510-480 BC NGC CH XF 4x4
Ketos the Sea Monster- very low population known

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This is a interesting and cool Greek Mythology villain- Ketos the Sea Monster.

The Greek gods created Ketos/Cetus. This ferocious water monster had canine-like front legs, a long wide torso like that of a whale and a serpentine tail that was split at the end. It was amphibious and could survive on land or water. He is often depicted with pieces of him sticking up from the water rather than his entire body be showing. In some more recent depicting of the monster, he has whale-like attributes.

Ketos only obeyed Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea and storms, known to the Romans as Neptune. As a monstrous minion of one of the most powerful Greek gods, Ketos struck a tremendous fear in the hearts of any port-dwelling Greek, and he often served as a potent punishment for a harbor or ship. Legends warned sailors of never returning home when Ketos lurked.