Crusaders, Principality of Achaea Robert D’ Anjou

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(1333-1364) Greece Ducat

Robert D'Anjou
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**Finest Known**

1333-1364 Gold Ducat obverse- St. Mark standing right, lowered head to and receiving banner from Doge kneeling left. Reverse- Christ standing facing with raised hands in benediction and holding the book of gospels surrounded by stars.

This recognizable Venetian Style ducat served as important trade currency of the Crusader for several decades in the last half of the 14th Century. The principality of Achaea was one of three vassal states of the Latin Empire that replaced the Byzantine Empire when Constantinople fell during the Fourth Crusade.

Robert D’Anjou was the King of Naples and titular King of Jerusalem. King Robert is remembered as “the peacemaker of Italy” due to the significant economic changes he made to Naples.

Sole Finest Certified by NGC MS67.