Kingdom of Lydia - Croesus Silver Stater NGC XF Lion & Bull

Kingdom of Lydia- Croesus Silver Stater NGC XF 4x3 Lion & Bull

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Kingdom of Lydia- Croesus Silver Stater NGC XF 4x3 Lion & Bull


By the time Croesus succeeded his father as King of Lydia in 561 BC.  Electrum coinage had already been circulating in Asia Minor for decades. But Croesus brought a new motivation to advance his empire, he would do it with pure gold and silver coins. A creation that would be attributed to him, but a breakthrough that remains a mystery of how? Word would travel fast about King Croesus and the first pure Gold and Silver Staters. This new bimetallic coinage would make him rich and powerful.

Pictured is a rare Croesus Silver Stater, the largest silver coin the kingdom produced. The obverse displays the confronted foreparts of a Lion and Bull representing the royal house of Lydia. This Silver Stater was hand struck in high relief.

Beautifully preserved by NGC Ancients. This Silver Stater in Extra Fine Condition is beautifully toned with every design detail highlighted. One of the nicest examples available on the market today. A museum quality specimen, and destined for a high end collection.

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