Kingdom of Macedon Philip III Gold Stater NGC CHMS 5x5

Kingdom of Macedon Philip III
323-317 BC
Gold Stater
NGC CHMS 5x5 Fine Style

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Capstone Coins is proud to present this beautiful Kingdom of Macedon Philip III 323-317 BC Gold Stater NGC CHMS 5x5 in Fine Style.

Philip III was named Arridaeus at birth but assumed the name of his father Philip II when he ascended the throne after the death of his half brother Alexander the Great.

Alexander loved his brother Arridaeus (Philip III) and took him on his campaigns both to protect his life and to prevent his use as a pawn in any prospective challenge to the throne.

Philip III rule was during constant power struggle between him and the generals that served Alexander known as the Diadochi.

Eventually Olympias, Alexander's mother and Philip III's step mother would have him executed and his wife Eurydice forced to commit suicide. Paving the way for her infant grandson Alexander IV to be the lawful successor of his father the great Alexander.

Philip III would strike Gold Staters in the likeness of his father Philip II and his brother Alexander III to keep commercial business moving. This was a way to show the Kingdom of his legitimacy to the throne.

Graded a remarkable Choice Mint State and preserved by NGC Ancients. This Gold Stater was awarded “Fine Style” for excellent craftsmanship and above average detail for a hand struck coin.

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