Lysimachus Silver Tetradrachm NGC AU 5x4 Top 100 Ancient

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Kingdom of Thrace
Lysimachus Silver Tetradrachm NGC AU 5x4
obv Alexander III
rv Athena hldg. Nike

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When Alexander the Great died, he left an enormous empire behind and a power struggle began. His trusted generals, many of whom were childhood friends began to crave out territories and set up Kingdoms of their own. History would remember them as the "Diadochi" or successors.

Lysimachus was a Macedonian Cavalry General, and served as the personal bodyguard to Alexander the Great during his conquest of Asia. After his death, he would take Thrace as governor and later most of Asia Minor as King in 305bc.

After years of broken alliances and wars. Lysimachus would die in 281bc after engaging Seleucus I Nikator in battle. His wife Arsinoe II would flee to Egypt and live under the protection of her brother Ptolemy II. Whom she would later marry. But that's another story.