Roman Empire, Lucius Verus Silver Denarius NGC Gem MS

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  • Lucius Verus Silver Denarius NGC Gem MS 5x5

  • Tied for Finest Known

  • rv Aequitas or Moneta std

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Lucius Verus was the Co-Roman Emperor from AD 161-169. Lucius was said to have been an excellent student, receiving his education from a famous tutor of that time, Marcus Cornelius Fronto and was skilled in the writing and reciting of poetry and speeches.

Adopted by Emperor Antoninus Pius, he ruled as co-emperor with Marcus Aurelius, something which had never occurred in Roman history, and though they shared the same title and equal powers Marcus Aurelius ultimately became the more dominant, and rule the longest. To prove there was no competition between the two, control of the armies was given to Verus and he also married the daughter of Marcus Aurelius- Lucilla, further strengthening their bond.
While in control of the armies, Verus is known to have been an brave commander who was not ego driven to delegate tasks to generals more competent and skilled. The morale of the armies, while under his rule, was high and Verus always ensured he had a troupe of actors and musicians with him on any trip he took. Victories were celebrated, his generals were rewarded, and the army was always ready.
In 168 a war broke out that lasted until AD 180, Lucius Verus would not see its end. He would die unexpectedly in 169 from either smallpox or food poisoning. His sensuous nature contrasts poorly with the dutiful character of Marcus Aurelius, but he seems to have had a good heart and was sincerely mourned by Marcus and the populace. After the funeral, the senate declared Verus divine, and to be worshipped as Divus Verus.. Lucius Verus' striking features lend themselves well to coin portraits, which are among the most attractive in the Roman series.