Roman Empire Otho AD 69 Silver Denarius NGC CHVF

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Roman Empire Otho AD 69 Silver Denarius NGC CHVF Very Rare Twelve Caesar’s PQ+.

Number 8 of the Twelve Caesar’s

Otho (AD 69), Silver Denarius, 3.22g, 6h. Otho (AD 69), Silver Denarius, NGC CHVF Mint of Rome. IMP M OTHO CAESAR AVG TR P, head facing right. Rev. Victory advancing left.

An excellent example of one of the rarest Roman Emperors -Otho. Hardly any examples have been certified by NGC because they normally come badly damaged. To find a high quality example without breaking the bank for your Twelve Caesar set. Look no further, we are wholesalers not retailers and easy to work with. Give Capstonecoins a shot.

One of Rome's least impressive emperors, Otho had lived among the ruling class before he was made governor of faraway Lusitania (mod. Portugal) so the emperor Nero could have his wife, Poppaea, to himself. When Galba's revolt broke in neighboring Spain, Otho joined him, hoping to be named successor. But Galba had no such plan, so Otho had Galba murdered in public view. Otho was not up to the job, however, and he reigned only three months before committing suicide after his legions were defeated by those of his rival Vitellius.


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